March with Terrain Exhibitions at the Village of Oak Park 4th July parade

Terrain Exhibitions and the July 4 Parade in Oak Park, Illinois

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Terrain Exhibitions is pleased to announce it will once again be participating in the July 4 Parade in the Village of Oak Park, Illinois. Terrain Exhibitions has participated in the annual Oak Park, Illinois, 4th July parade since 2012. Each year Sabina Ott invited an artist to produce a float or public art work to perform / parade as part of this important community event. Terrain Exhibitions intends to continue and grow this important tradition.

Terrain Exhibitions is thrilled to announce the participation of Industry of the Ordinary (IOTO), an artist duo consisting of Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson, as featured artists in the 2019 iteration of the July 4 Parade in Oak Park. IOTO offers the following statement regarding their plans for the parade:

On a day of celebration for a unified country claiming its independence from a foreign government, it’s essential to consider what an autonomous and functioning democracy looks like, and to protect it.

We are ordinary: we are human.

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Call for Participation!

Terrain Exhibitions announces a call for participation in the 2019 July 4 Parade in Oak Park. All are invited to walk with Terrain Exhibitions, and in support of our featured artists. IOTO request your assistance in the execution of their performance and work as part of the parade.

The Parade is scheduled from 9:30-12:00pm on July 4, 2019. The parade route begins at Longfellow Park at Ridgeland Avenue and Adams Street, and continues north on Ridgeland to Augusta Street, turning east to disperse near Whittier Elementary School at Harvey Avenue. You can find out more information about the July 4 Parade in Oak Park, Illinois at

To participate in this years parade please meet at the corner of Adams and Cuyler from 9:20-9:30am to prepare and setup for the parade. For more information, please contact us at

About Industry of the Ordinary


Through sculpture, text, photography, video and performance, Industry of the Ordinary (IOTO) are dedicated to an exploration and celebration of the customary, the everyday, and the usual. Their emphasis is on challenging pejorative notions of the ordinary and, in doing so, moving beyond the quotidian.

Making use of a variety of art-making strategies, IOTO have primarily been concerned with the dynamics and aesthetics of public and performative spaces. Drawing inspiration from Joseph Beuys’s theory of ‘social sculpture’ and the Situationists, IOTO have explored non-traditional sites for art works where accidental audiences can be found. Often collaborating with multiple members of the community, these works attempt to occupy and invigorate public thoroughfares. The work is intended to provoke and promote public discourse, to bring fine art out of the gallery or performing arts venue, and, without becoming didactic or pedantic, make it readily available to the non-art-trained audience.

Terrain Artists 6/12

Hi all!

As we count down the weeks to the 2019 Terrain Biennial I would like to broadcast exciting things that Terrain artists are doing outside of Terrain.

This week we have two exciting events from past Terrain artists! The first is an ongoing installation by Terrain artist Lynn Basa at the Multnomah County Central Courthouse. Basa was selected by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) in Portland, Oregon to create a 25’ x 75’ glass artwork for the lobby of the new 17-story Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

Basa’s design for the three-story artwork – viewable from the lobby, the second and third stories of the building, and from the building’s exterior – was inspired by conversations with the project’s Artist Selection Panel, the courthouse judges and employees, as well as formerly incarcerated community members. The focus of the artwork is a landscape that reflects the ripple effect of behavior and the passage to redemption and rehabilitation in the community justice process.

Rendering of Lynn Basa’s glass artwork for the new Multnomah County Central Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Fabrication by Bullseye Studio, project funding by Multnomah County Percent for Art, and project management by Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC). Image courtesy of SRG Partnership.

Rendering of Lynn Basa’s glass artwork for the new Multnomah County Central Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Fabrication by Bullseye Studio, project funding by Multnomah County Percent for Art, and project management by Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC). Image courtesy of SRG Partnership.

Check out the official website for more info.

Also!! Terrain artist and current Terrain Exhibitions board member / Biennial organizer Tom Burtonwood and members of the Videokaffe collective will present Vision Machines at the Supplyframe DesignLab in Pasadena, CA.

This exhibition “Vision Machines” will probe the space between observing and surveilling, watching and seeing, the virtual and the real using custom built apparatuses made from networked microcomputer systems. Burtonwood will create a series of work designed to explore how technology alters perception.

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If you are a past Terrain artist and would like to share cool things you’re doing please email me the event info and I will post it here! You can send me your events at

Terrain Exhibitions announces the Terrain Biennial 2019

Dear friends and supporters,

Terrain Exhibitions is pleased to announce dates for the 4th Terrain Biennial 2019, as well as updates to our mission and structure.

In the spring of 2018, Sabina Ott, founder of Terrain, asked Tom Burtonwood, Monica Chadha, Holly Holmes, Allison Lacher, John Paulett, and Jeff Robinson to serve on the board of the newly incorporated not-for-profit “Terrain Exhibitions.”

As you may know Sabina passed away in the summer of 2018, leaving behind an ambitious and innovative legacy spanning three editions of the Terrain Biennial and countless artist projects at her home in Oak Park, IL. There are many tributes to Sabina and her work, and Terrain was but one facet of her career as an artist, a Professor of art, an activist, a mentor and source of inspiration for young and old alike.

Oli Watt, Terrain Biennial 2017

Oli Watt, Terrain Biennial 2017

Terrain Exhibitions will continue to organize and produce the Terrain Biennial, starting with the 2019 edition that will be staged in from October 1st to November 17th, 2019.

We are seeking hosts and artists from around the world to participate in this year’s event. Please use the google forms on this page to indicate your interest as a host, artist, volunteer, or all of the above: PARTICIPATE. Deadline EXTENDED: now June 1st, 2019.

The theme of this years Terrain Biennial is to take stock of the landscape that people are living in today. What is the terrain that we occupy? The environment that has been built? What is the topology of our moment? Artists and hosts should reflect upon the ways in which our environment changes us and how we are changing it.

Richard Medina will reprise his role as Assistant Director of the Terrain Biennial. If you have questions about the Biennial please reach out to Richard directly at Richard will be connecting with past Terrain hosts and artists to encourage them to participate. So look out for his emails!

Further information about the Terrain Biennial is posted here:

In addition to the Terrain Biennial, Terrain Exhibitions is launching a Terrain Residency in Springfield, Illinois. Working with the Enos Park Residency for Visual Artists administered by the Springfield Art Association, Terrain Exhibitions will host three artists each year in Springfield. Terrain Exhibitions will host two artists in 2019, one in the summer and another in the fall. From 2020 onwards Terrain Exhibitions will host three artists a year, one in the spring, one in the summer, and one in the fall. A call for for applications for our summer and fall residencies will be is posted here, deadline for residency application materials is 04/01/2019 at 11.59pm.

Terrain Exhibitions is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization founded in the State of Illinois. We are seeking interns and volunteers to help with archiving documentation of past projects, volunteering for the upcoming Biennial, helping to administer the residency, and raising funds for the organization. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch via email ( ) or click here for more information.  

We hope that you’ll join us to make the 4th edition of the Terrain Biennial a resounding success!